If you are a regular customer of JetBlue Airlines, then don’t forget to join the frequent flyer program of the airline known as TrueBlue. This program can provide you with maximum benefits. You can use these earned points not only on JetBlue Airlines reservations but also on other things too. 

You will earn points for every dollar you spent on your flight ticket. You can join this program for free and be a member online only. Children who are below 13 can enroll through parent or guardian’s account. Miles you earn under this program will never expire. Redeem these points for your future travel. You can use these points to book a ticket at any time and at much discounted fares.

Ways to earn points

Members of TrueBlue receive two points on each dollar they spent while purchasing their flight tickets (taxes and fees are not included). There are some other ways also, which you can use to earn these points. How many points you will receive depends on how you will spend your money.

  • Book on official site

Passengers can earn extra points if they are booking a flight ticket directly online. Open your internet browser and open the official website of the airline. This is the easiest way to book a flight ticket. You can also get some profitable deals if you are booking a ticket on the official airline site. 

  • Type of fare you purchase

Earning these miles depends on the fare class you are choosing to purchase your flight ticket. You can increase your points by using the relevant fare classes. You can choose among four tiers of fare classes, which earn you additional points. The four fare classes are Mint Fare, Blue Flex, Blue Plus, and Blue Fare.

If you are purchasing a Mint fare or Blue fare, then you will get an extra three bonus points for each dollar. If you want to buy a Blue Plus fare, you will earn a total of four bonus points for every dollar spent. On Blue Flex fare, you can earn five bonus points per dollar spent.

  • Use JetBlue services

Passengers can earn additional points by using JetBlue services such as JetPaws, which is used to transport pets or buying an extra legroom space. Purchase JetBlue’s cruise packages or vacation packages to earn more points.

  • Use JetBlue credit cards

Passengers can earn 10,000 to 40,000 extra points if they make JetBlue Airlines reservations using JetBlue–branded credit cards, you have to make your purchase over $100 within a 90-day period. 

Redeem your points

The points you have earned can be used for your future travel. If you want to redeem your points, select “points” instead of “dollars” while booking your next flight.

  • Get a free flight

Travelers can use these points to book flight tickets without paying any amount. Flights that are booked for free by using points are known as “award flights.” Taxes and fees will be applied to the award flights.

  • Book a gateway vacation

You can use TrueBlue points to book vacation packages at cheaper fares. Use your cash and points to purchase the package. You will earn extra points for the cash you pay for your vacation package.

  • Get a newspaper or magazine subscription

Save your points and subscribe to your favorite newspaper and magazine. You can purchase this subscription for home delivery or online reading. 

  • Transfer points to someone else

Passengers can also transfer their points to another member’s account. They can make this transfer directly.