Travel scams or tourist traps are common in Phuket (Thailand) and many of the other parts of the world. Tourist scams can occur to you in various forms and ways that you have least expected. Tourists go through huge loss if they have come across any fraud. Be cautious and be aware of these scams. We are here providing some of the ways to identify these scams.

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Some of the most common travel scams are mentioned below.

  • Tricky Thai gems 

Tricky Thai gems are the most common tourist traps. He or she will talk to you and persuade you to purchase Thai gems in bulk at low prices. If you encounter the same situation, then you should totally avoid it, as they are part of the tourist trap group. 

  • Identify the fake police

Phuket has a law for all the tourists that are visiting the country. The rule says that every visitor should always have a photocopy of a passport, arrival card, or entry stamp. Many scammers take advantage of that, and they come in police attire to fool you. So, be aware and remember Phuket follows the rule of “no-on-the-spot-fines.”

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  • Scam through a wrong note or wrong change

You should be well-educated about the country’s local currency so that you don’t get fooled by local cashiers. They will take advantage of your ignorance and will give an insufficient amount of money. So search before you leave for your journey.

The fake tour packages scam

Some frauds will come to you as the representative of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). They will offer you enticing deals and packages, but keep in mind that TAT doesn’t have a tie-up with any of the travel agencies. 

Be very cautious and search as much as possible before going to Phuket.

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