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While visiting Houston, don’t forget to check the weather of the city as it changes drastically. Most of the time, it remains humid. Houston has immense variations when it comes to weather. There will be a time where the sun could be shining downtown, and at the same time, the north side of the city gets flash flood alerts. Pull out your clothes and pack as per the weather. 

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What to expect while you are in Houston?

The temperature of Houston ranges between 60 to 80 degrees almost all year. Whether you are planning to visit beaches in Houston or planning to hike, do little research on the weather and pack smartly to avoid any hassle. Little research would help you to know what you can expect in Houston.

Spring in Houston

It is ideal to visit Houston during spring if you love to do outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or anything adventurous. In the month of March, the temperature of the city is neither too hot nor too cold. There is a balance in temperature. 

The temperature starts warming up, and rainfall starts occurring during April and May. Lightening and strong thunderstorms are characteristics of the late spring months.

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What to pack – Pack any casual, comfortable clothes as the temperature will not be too hot and cold. You can carry dresses, jeans, blouses, t-shirts, tops, or anything comfortable with you without worrying about the temperature. Bring a pair of shoes for more comfort.

Summer in Houston

Try to avoid visiting Houston in summer as the weather will be very hot and humid during this time. July is the warmest month of the year. There will be intense and fast-moving thunderstorms, which will add more humidity to the weather. 

What to pack – Bring all lightweight and breathable clothing for your comfort. Don’t forget to carry sunglasses, sunscreen, and any other summer essentials.

Fall in Houston

The temperature eventually starts to slow down by September. It gets cooler by October. You can expect hurricanes, longer days, rains, and heavy flooding during this time of the year.

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What to pack – If you are visiting Houston in September or October, pack some casual clothes. Don’t forget to pick a long-sleeved t-shirt, sweaters because the temperature gets colder at night.


Winter in Houston

Months of winters are cold and dry, and the temperature doesn’t go down freezing. Expect ice or snowstorm. February is the driest, and January is the coldest month. A road-trip would be a great idea during these months.

What to pack – Carry your warm clothes such as a scarf, pea coat, blazer, cardigan, etc. for the coldest days to keep you warm. 

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