JetBlue Airlines has a very decent cancellation policy, which allows you to cancel your flight tickets even at the last moments. Emergencies are inevitable; sometimes, you have to cancel your travel plan because of the sudden change in your travel plan. JetBlue allows you to cancel your JetBlue reservations without any hassle.

The cancellation of your flight ticket depends upon the fare you have chosen. There are two ways to cancel your flight ticket that are-

  • JetBlue Airlines official site– Passengers can cancel their booking by visiting the official website of the airline. Click on the “My Trips” option on the home page of the airline. After this, click on “Manage Trips” to proceed further. Enter all the required details, and cancel your booking.
  • JetBlue Airlines phone number– Phone number of the airline is available 24/7. You can talk to the airline representative regarding any issue related to your travel. Dial the number and ask the agents to cancel your booking.

These are two ways to cancel your booking. Make JetBlue  airlines reservations and stop worrying about cancellation charges.

Cancellation policy of JetBlue

The airline has a very comprehensive cancellation policy, which permits its passengers to cancel the ticket at any stage of their travel, followed by some rules.

Cancellation within 24 hours of booking

  • All the passengers are allowed to cancel their flight tickets without any cancellation fee within 24 hours of the original booking.
  • Every passenger is allowed to cancel without paying a cancellation fee regardless of the fare they have selected.

Seat is booked seven days or more prior to the departure date

  • If any passenger has made JetBlue reservations seven days or more before the scheduled departure of the flight, then they have to cancel the entire booking. JetBlue vacation reservations are not included in this.
  • If you have changed your booking, then those bookings are not eligible for a credit card refund, even if the cancellation is being made within 24 hours of the initial booking. These bookings will be subjected to a cancellation fee.
  • If you are not sure about your itinerary, then you should check the cancellation and changes fee before making a reservation.

After canceling a flight, passengers think about the refund. Ask for a refund from the airline if you are eligible. Let’s check out JetBlue’s refund policy.

  • Refund policy of JetBlue

Passengers will get a refund on canceling JetBlue reservations flight depending upon the chose fare and the time when you have made the cancellation. There are two types of fares that are refundable fares and non-refundable fares.

  • Refundable fares

Always choose refundable fares while purchasing a ticket from the airline if you think your travel plan can change.

  • For a full refund, the cancellation of the flight is allowed before the scheduled departure of the flight. Book tickets with JetBlue refundable fares to get a refund on cancellation.
  • If a refundable segment is not canceled or changed before the departure, then all money associated with the refundable segment will be delivered to your JetBlue air-only credit. These credits can be used for your future JetBlue airlines flights reservations for one year from the date of issuance.
  • Non-refundable fares

Following are points related to the non-refundable fares of JetBlue Airlines.

  • For JetBlue non-refundable fares, cancellation should be made before the scheduled departure of flight for a per person cancellation fee with any applicable difference in airfare. If there is any remaining balance that will be delivered in JetBlue air-only credit, which can be used in future travel for one year from issuance.
  • If a non-refundable segment of JetBlue is not canceled before the scheduled departure of the flight, then all the money associated with it will be fortified.

Go through the cancellation and refund policy of the airline if you have any doubts about appearing at the airport. You can cancel your JetBlue book a flights reservations within few seconds.