Winter is almost here, and you might be yearning to hit the slopes. Cold and Chill is in full swing, and the snowfall has started adding charm, then what are you waiting for? It’s the high time to plan a vacation with your family, friends or even solo to some snowboard itineraries without wasting your time. Nothing can be as soothing than witnessing the beauty of dramatic mountain landscapes and of course skiing across the snowy slopes is the best adventure you would have ever experienced. 

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We know that you might be wondering, where to go for a skiing adventure within the USA. That is why, we have come up with a top five skiing destination, which you can consider while making a vacation plan. 


  1. Reno, Nevada: Reno is widely known as a ‘poor man’s Vegas,’filled with big casinos and exotic clubs. However, Reno is so much more than nightlife thrills. This beautiful hamlet is blessed with many photo-worthy scenes and is a perfect amalgamation of metropolitan vibes and natural wonders. In winters, the city is flooded with the tourists having their snow pants on for a ski.
  1. Salt Lake City, Utah: The Dazzling capital city of Utah is no less than a heaven. Though being one of the vibrant metropolis, the “Salt Lake City” still lives with its small town feel. During winters, it attracts millions of skiing enthusiasts and offers plenty of budget-friendly spots for skiing.

  1. South Lake Tahoe, California: Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the USA settled at the height of 6255ft from sea level. It boasts a perfect place jeweled with the spellbinding scenic beauty for having close interaction with nature. Moreover, it also offers skiing adventure throughout 4,800 acres of terrain.
  1. Ann Arbor, Michigan: Home to the boutique coffee shop, bookstores, and tiny brewpubs, Ann Arbor is nothing less than a heavenly winter destination. One can have easy access to beautiful resorts without being penniless and enjoy skiing at its best. Moreover, it has a lot more to offer; the travelers can enjoy hanging out in luxurious restaurants or can opt for strolling along walkable lanes of this Michigan City.
  1. Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota: The Temperate Grassland is all set to fill you with joy and laughter. Minneapolis is home to plenty of affordable skiing and snowboarding resorts, which makes it a perfect winter destination for budget travelers.  Moreover, one can enjoy parties at rock clubs, and yummiest food in its local eateries shops.

So, if you were longing for winter’s icy winds and heavy snowfall; then make your plan for one of the ski mentioned above destinations. Hope my small piece of information would help you pick the itineraries that would be easy on your pocket and you get to enjoy more without spending much. As winters are off-season, the flight tickets and hotels are generally cheap. Jetblue airlines reservations phone number  Call+ 1800-874-5921