The Cayman Islands are the group of three islands situated on the western side of the Caribbean Sea. The Cayman Island comprises three islands named Cayman Brac, Grand Cayman, and Little Cayman. The island is an autonomous British territory, and the capital of the island is Georgetown, which is the second most populated British Territory. Cayman Island is considered as a crucial territory for conducting business internationally. It is also the center of attractions for travelers because of the variety of amazing activities to offer. However, there are some interesting facts about these islands that will make you travel on this island.

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Interesting facts about the Cayman Islands

  • The Grand Cayman Island is quite famous among the travelers who love diving and want to enjoy blue lagoons. The island is the inhabitant of shallow reefs that makes this island one of its kind. Travel this beautiful island and check out the mesmerizing view of the blue water complimented by shallow reefs.
  • The Grand Cayman Island is the largest one among the three islands of Cayman Island with an area of 76 sq. km. 
  • The Cayman Brac is considered the most beautiful island between the three islands. Travel to this island by JetBlue Airlines flights and check out nature’s beauty at its best.
  • The Grand Cayman is also an inhabitant of stingrays. Thousands of travelers come to this island every year to dive into the open water and swim along with the beautiful stingrays.
  • The Grand Cayman is the only place in this world where you can experience the mesmerizing view of the Bioluminescence phenomenon.
  • The Little Cayman is the least inhabitant of people among all three Cayman Islands.
  • The Cayman Islands is a wonderland for travel wanderers who love nature and birds. People from every part of the world visit these islands to experience the rare fauna and flora endemic.
  • If you are a nature lover, then this place is a paradise for you. Make JetBlue reservations, visit the Cayman Islands, and check out the beautiful red-footed booby colonies, the endemic ghost orchid, and the blue iguana.
  • Isaac Bodden was the first person who became the first resident on the Cayman Islands in 1661. Until then, these islands were an inhabitant of any human.

These were some interesting facts from our side that may create a curiosity in you to visit the Cayman Islands. We hope that you find the points mentioned in this blog impressive. Make JetBlue Airlines reservations and avail enticing deals and discounts on flight booking.