When we start making a plan to travel to our dream destination, choosing the best airline becomes a hassle. For finding the best airline to fly, you need to compare airlines on certain measures such as safety, booking process, in-flight amenities, affordability, etc. 

Most of the traveling buffs become airline aficionados, and they hesitate to change their preferred airline. Choosing the airline that fulfills all your needs is quite a complicated task as each airline in the aviation industry keeps on improving to provide the best facilities to its passengers.          

To save you from the hassle of selecting the best airline, we are comparing two major airlines, Alaska Airlines and JetBlue Airlines, based on certain measures. Though both the airlines have a lot more similarities, but there are parameters that split the two from one another. Go through this guide, and choose whether you want to make Alaska Airlines reservations or book tickets with JetBlue. 

  • Onboard Wi-Fi connectivity

Alaska Airlines is way behind other US airlines in terms of high-speed internet. The airline has just begun to install Gogo 2Ku connectivity across its fleet. Alaska Airlines offers a free messaging facility to its passengers, but they have to pay the applicable fee to access the internet. Those eyes watering prices kept most of the passengers off the network. 

JetBlue Airlines takes all the glory in internet connectivity. Your phone will automatically prompt you to log in to the free Wi-Fi network known as FlyFi, even before the closing of the boarding gate. Surf the internet without even a bit of buffering. Watch YouTube videos without any interruption. You may have to face a little bit of buffering, but this will not bother you because of the no-charge on Wi-Fi. Make JetBlue Airlines reservations if you want to use the internet in your flight. 

  • Loyalty program

Both airlines have their own loyalty programs for regular customers. These frequent flyer programs of the airlines are available for passenger’s convenience. The loyalty program of JetBlue is known as TrueBlue. Passengers can earn points every time they travel on the flight. These points have various benefits associated with it. The program is free to join, create membership directly online.

Coming to the frequent flyer program of Alaska Airlines, Mileage Plan, allows you to earn miles every time you fly with the airline. Redeem these miles later to earn elite status, award travel, reasonable fares, duty-free shopping, etc. Avail the benefits of this loyalty program after making Alaska Airlines flights reservations. 

  • Airfares

Deciding which airline is reasonable is quite a tricky process. Both airlines keep releasing their offers and sales so that passengers can purchase flight tickets at discounted fares. Make reservations without hitting your pocket hard. 

Stay updated with the official site of the airlines so that you don’t miss out on some enticing deals. These sales are released to lure passengers from each corner of the world. Due to the competitive airfares, it’s hard to decide who the clear winner is. 

  • Ranking

After talking with many frequent flyers of the airline and comparing all the parameters, we can say that both JetBlue and Alaska are tough competitors, and it’s difficult to make a choice. If you want comfort in your flight, then make JetBlue reservations as the airline’s flights have the most comfortable seats with optimum legroom. If you want to stay connected to your dear ones, choose JetBlue for free Wi-Fi.

If you are more of a person who loves in-flight entertainment, then go for Alaska Airlines. The airline clearly has the edge in on-board catering also. You just have to carry your own smart device on-board. 

There is no clear winner between the two airlines, as both airlines bring different qualities to the table. 

Based on what you need, select if you want to fly with JetBlue for your next travel or want to make Alaska Airlines booking