Some Intriguing Facts About Lithuania With Jetblue Reservations

Some Intriguing Facts About Lithuania With Jetblue Reservations

Posted By: Admin 25 Feb, 2020

If you want to have the best journey of your lifetime, then Lithuania is an ideal vacation destination for you. This beautiful destination has everything to provide you the ultimate experience of life. Lithuania is loaded with interesting and quirky museums, and there is a lot to see there.

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Some of the facts about Lithuania are mentioned below-

  • Most locals speak English

This interesting country has some rules; one of them is that people under 30 years will speak English. This may sound weird, but it is so. If you speak their language, the locals will love it and appreciate your attempt. 

  • Relaxing at cafes

If you are visiting Lithuania, you will discover a café at every corner of the country. Relax at cafes while enjoying coffee and cake. You don’t need to make a hurry after finishing the coffee, sit there, and do chit chat with others. Explore different cafes in the country, and you will find something different in each café. 

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  • Stern faces, warm hearts

Lithuanians are very kind and gentle people; they love to help others. They believe in friendship and love. If you get confused and ask help from them, they will do it with a smile. Lithuanians don’t like to break relations; that’s why once you have become friends with them, you will find them whenever you need them. 

  • Potatoes are king

Potato is a staple food of Lithuania; you will find it in almost every dish here. There are countless dishes, which are made from potatoes only. Some of the famous potato dishes are Bulviniai blynai (potato flapjacks), and potato pancakes that are served with sour cream. These dishes are a must-try when in Lithuania.

Another important cuisine of this area is zemaičių blynai, which locals love. This dish is basically a heavy potato hotcake served with stuffed and fresh mushrooms. A Lithuanian feast is incomplete without some pieces of the black bread. Try authentic dishes here to satiate your taste buds.

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