Frequently Asked Question by JetBlue Reservations

1. What is True Blue?

True Blue is the exclusive Frequent Flier Program introduced by JetBlue that lets passengers reap the benefits of additional privilege. The passengers can earn miles on their every purchase they do from JetBlue. The earned points can be redeemed on future purchases like booking a new flight, avail extra baggage allowance, and other privileges.

Those passengers who wish to be a part of “True Blue” and need advice on its future benefits; can contact the travel adviser through dedicated JetBlue reservations number.

2. How to book a pet?

The passengers, who are willing to take their pet onboard, must contact the airlines’ representatives by calling directly on JetBlue reservations number to get your pet booked based on the availability.

3. Is Wi-Fi included in my ticket?

All types of flight fares include onboard Wi-Fi, commonly known as Fly-Fi. Each flight of JetBlue are equipped with free high-speed Wi-Fi so that passengers can stay connected in the sky. For more information, contact the booking agent by calling on JetBlue reservations number.

4. When does Online Check-in Starts?

Web check-in starts 24 hours prior to scheduled departure time. The passengers can check-in online by visiting or airline app by entering confirmation or ticket number and other required details. If any passenger needs guidance to check-in online, they can contact the airline through its helpline for proper guidance.

5. How long does JetBlue mosaic status last?

Mosaic status of TrueBlue is applicable for one calendar year. If you want to keep Mosaic status, then every calendar year, you are required to meet the Mosaic qualifications. Passengers can earn status based on the earned points in the previous calendar year and your flight activity.

6. Can I enroll a child under 13 years in TrueBlue?

Yes, you can enroll your child in TrueBlue. For doing this, make sure you are logged into your account. In your account, you will find the link to “enroll a child.” Click on the option and follow the on-screen steps to enroll your child. You can also call on the JetBlue phone number to avail assistance regarding the same. Make JetBlue reservations using TruBlue and save on your travel expenses.

7. Will I receive TrueBlue statements in the mail?

No, TrueBlue is exclusively available online. Your TrueBlue account information is available at the jetblue official site This information is updated frequently. You will receive a monthly statement by JetBlue Airlines. This monthly statement will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided while registering into TrueBlue.

8. How are TrueBlue points calculated?

Passengers are allowed to earn TrueBlue points by purchasing products or qualifying services from JetBlue Vacations, JetBlue, with a JetBlue co-branded credit card, or a TrueBlue partner. These TrueBlue points avail you many benefits on your future JetBlue reservations.

Points earned on JetBlue depends on the fare paid for JetBlue-operated flights. You will receive three points for every dollar spent, except on Blue Basic fares. In Blue Basic fares, you will earn one point for every dollar spent.

  • Members who have purchased a Blue Extra, Blue Plus, or Blue, will earn three bonus points per dollar.
  • Members who have booked tickets with Blue Basic Fare, will receive an extra bonus point per dollar spent.

9. Can I save on in-flight purchases?

Yes, you are eligible to save 50% on food, cocktails, and other eligible purchases. Duty-free purchases and wireless internet access are not included in this. You will receive your savings statement credit to your account, 4-6 weeks after your transaction.

10. What is the check-in procedure for JetBlue Vacations customers?

For domestic travel, kiosk and online check-in are available. International travelers have to go to the main check-in counter for the check-in process.

Online flight check-in is available 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight, but not less than 90 minutes before the departure time of the flight.

11. What are the prohibited carry-on items on JetBlue Airlines?

There are certain items that you are not allowed to bring onboard as your carry-on luggage. These items include sharp objects, sporting goodies, tools, guns and firearms, martial arts and self-defense items, explosive materials, flammable items, and disabling chemicals.

12. How to track my reserved JetBlue flight?

It’s very easy to be updated with your scheduled flight after making JetBlue airlines reservations flight. Visit the official site of the airline and navigate to the “flight tracker” page. Two options will be displayed that are “By route” or “By flight number.” If you are tracking through route, fill out the departure date, origin city, and departure date.

If you are checking your flight status by flight number, then enter the flight number and departure date. After this, click on the “check status” tab to know the current status of your flight.

13. How can I retrieve my TrueBlue number?

You can get all the information regarding your TrueBlue account on your TrueBlue account. Visit the official site and open the home page of the airline number. You will find your TrueBlue number there. Simply sign-in and open your account.

Passengers can also call on the helpline number of the airline that is 00 1 801-449-2525. The airline agents are available 24/7 for your help. Share your problem, and the representative will help you with the best solution possible.

14. What is the carry-on baggage allowance on JetBlue flights?

Each passenger is allowed to bring one personal item and one carry-on bag. The carry-on bag should be stowed in the overhead bin. To fit in the given space, this bag should not exceed 22 x 14 x 9 inches, including handles and wheels and handles. These dimensions are applied on all the aircraft types.

There is no restriction on the weight of the carry-on baggage for international and domestic flights. Make sure you place this item in the overhead bin if you don’t get any assistance.

15. Is personal item allowed on the JetBlue flights?

Yes, each passenger is permitted to bring one personal item onboard. This item must be fit under the seat in front of you. Dimensions of this bag should not exceed 17 x 13 x 8 inches on all the aircraft types.

The personal item could be anything such as a laptop, briefcase, purse, backpack, tote bag, etc.

16. Do you get a free checked bag with JetBlue?

Baggage fees depends upon the fare class you choose for your travel. For Blue fares, you will have to pay $30 for the first checked baggage and $40 for the second checked baggage.

For Blue Plus fares, the first checked bag is included, and $ 40 will be charged for the second checked bag.

For Blue Flex fares, two checked bags are included.

17. What is the applicable fee on the oversized and overweighed bags?

If you bring overweighed and oversized bags, then you have to pay an appropriate amount. If your third bag is oversized and overweighed, three additional fees that are (oversize, overweight, excess bag), will be charged.

Overweighed bags

  • If the weight of your bag is from 50 pounds to 99 pounds (22.68 kg – 44.91 kg), you will have to pay $150 per bag.
  • Bags which are over 99 pounds or 44.91 kg will not be accepted.

Oversized bags-

  • If the size of your bag is from 62 inches to 80 inches (157.48 cm – 203.2 cm), an additional amount that is $150 per bag will be charged.
  • Bags whose size is more than 80 inches or 203.2 cm will not be accepted.

18. How do I use my JetBlue credit?

When you purchase a ticket online on the official site of JetBlue, you will find an option to select Travel Bank for the online payment. Travel Bank is an online account that helps in managing travel credits with JetBlue.

Apply Travel Bank account funds and to cover any remaining balance enter the credit card information.

19. Where should I check my bags?

  • Passengers need to check their bags at the airport 40 minutes before the scheduled departure on domestic flights.
  • If you are traveling on an international flight, you need to check your bag 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • While flying to an international destination, passengers should check-in at the ticket counter.
  • Bags will not be checked for more than six hours before the departure of the flight.
  • Don’t forget to check the information regarding specific items such as firearms, sporting equipment, musical instrument, etc. Go through the guidelines of transporting these items on JetBlue flights.

20. How early should I arrive for a JetBlue flight?

Passenger should check-in 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the booked flight if they are traveling on US domestic flights. If you are traveling from New York, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa, then the minimum time limit to check-in is 40 minutes before the scheduled departure.

For international flights, the minimum time to check-in is 60 minutes before the departure of the flight.

21. Is there any limit to the number of points I can earn with the JetBlue card?

No, there is no limit. Passengers can earn the countless number of points with your JetBlue Business Card, JetBlue Plus Card, and JetBlue Card. Passengers can earn points as long as your account is open and active and the program continues. is an independent travel portal designed with an intent to provide users with a comprehensive platform to book flight, hotel and holiday packages. It has no association with any third party website. Your use of the Website signifies your acceptance or acknowledgement that is not responsible for any loss caused by the use of any of the content, offers, or links to other website embedded in this website, as we hold no control over them.

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